"You're Made to Feel Like Your Body Is Wrong": Amy Schumer on Hollywood Fittings and Launching Her Own Line


"Feel free to put in your article that I’m on a CBD edible and loving it,” Amy Schumer says as a kind of introduction when we meet at a restaurant on New York’s Upper West Side. The actress, who announced her pregnancy to the world on Instagram only a day before, has tried just about everything to quell morning sickness. Fortunately, she’s feeling well enough today to have gathered with three of her closest friends — stylist Leesa Evans, comedy singer Bridget Everett, and comedian Marina Franklin — to celebrate the release of Le Cloud, the clothing line she and Evans created.

As the cameras start clicking, they lampoon the classic Sex and the City ladies-who-brunch scene, with Schumer biting seductively into a scone as the girls pretend to down drinks. The four women laugh giddily, and then it’s on to the next shot, but not before Schumer ditches her heels. She has always been someone who prioritizes comfort, and both Le Cloud and the CBD are keeping the 37-year-old expectant mom in a relaxed state. 

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