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Amy Schumer is launching her own clothing line, Le Cloud

The actress wants every piece in the collection to feel "like a cloud."

When Amy Schumer was on the press tour for her recent comedy, “I Feel Pretty,” she struggled to find outfits she really loved. Leesa Evans, her friend, stylist and costume designer, ended up making a lot of her clothes because the actress had trouble finding items off the rack that felt comfortable and looked great.

Schumer often joked to Evans that she only wanted to wear clothes that felt as light as a cloud.

“(Amy) would always say to me, ‘Now, does this feel like a cloud?’ And I would laugh and I would say, ‘No, it doesn’t feel like a cloud, not everything feels like a cloud,’” Evans told TODAY Style. “And she was like, ‘Well, what if it did?’”

From there, Le Cloud was born.

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