Marie Claire

Amy Schumer and Stylist Leesa Evans Have Teamed Up to Help Regular Women Feel Great in Their Clothes

Everyone has a clothing silhouette that makes you feel more confident and able to accomplish anything. Once you find it, it's like your secret weapon," says Leesa Evans, stylist to stars like Amy Schumer, Claire Danes, and Rashida Jones.

That's how Evans won over Schumer: The two met when Evans outfitted the actress during the Trainwreck press tour in 2015, and she taught Schumer the magic of a power silhouette. "She had this real epiphany of, Wow, I actually like clothing now, because I understand it can make me feel good—and anything that makes you feel good is good for your life," says Evans. After Schumer gifted sessions with her new favorite stylist to her friends and family (celebrity stylists typically charge more than $1,000 a day), Evans' husband asked, "What if you and Amy teamed up and brought this to more people?"

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